sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015


It seems like it was yesterday, but it wasn't. I made this animation last year for the company Globness Solutions. I still hadn't shared it on the blog.

Biztroo from Pipe Fonseca on Vimeo.

The technique I used was 2D animation on real backgrounds made of cardboard.
First I built all the sets in cardboard, photographed them and recorded them (because they also have movement).

I started with the shoes factory.

I managed to place the "levers" at the back of the backgrounds so it was possible to move the machines. I ended up painting some elements to give color to the scene.

Then I build the office which was in the same place that the factory.

Then I went to the casting stage and into the audience seats.

Finally, the last stage. The clouds were hanging by wires.

With this done, I started shooting the scenes. The backgrounds of the factory and the city were illuminated only by sunlight. I wanted it to be the only light source. To the stage I used lanterns for light.

After all this I drew the characters in the computer.

I moved on to the animation. Here, I had the help of my colleague Ana Cardoso, who helped me paint the characters. For animation and painting we used the Toon Boom software.

I enjoyed working on this animation, it gave me a lot of joy. However, it is too long and it's not easy to understand. I would like to change some things and take out some others to be simpler. It's hard to notice that it is an online application for companies.

You can visit Biztroo website here.

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