quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

At History's Door

Last year I was asked to participate in the production of a series of documentaries for RTP Internacional (Portuguese Channel). My colleague Ana Cardoso joined me in this adventure. Together, we had to create all the graphic work of the series and also the small animated excerpts during the episodes.

In each episode, we get to know a character who contributed to the history of Portugal, but who the public barely knows. They are people who therefore stood at the door of history (that's why the name of the series).

Animating was easy. The hardest part was to create the graphic work, as this is an area wich we are not so used. One of the biggest challenges was to create the logo for the series. It had to be something simple and easy to read. We chose to use an effect like the DYMO tape, which was used in the old times.

Much of the material that they gave us to work with was mostly newspapers, so we decided to use the newspapers as the basis for the opening and credits. That's why the generics are created with the paper base and the DYMO tape

We tried a different style in every episode so that it would fit the character highlighted.

You can watch the first two episodes in RTP Play:

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