domingo, 23 de março de 2014

Still talking about the Lamp

The Lamp surprises again when I thought it was all over.

Yesterday was the closing of Monstra 2014, and, as such, there was a prize giving ceremony. My film won the Best Portuguese Student Film prize! Can you imagine?

I wasn't expecting it. At all! I wasn't even counting on going to the ceremony because I thought I was going there for nothing. I was wrong.

I saw great movies this week. Movies that left me amazed and thinking about how they have been made. How did my film win when there was such great movies in the festival?
It's true that this award was only for Portuguese films. There were 6 (I only know the filmmakers of 3 of them). Congratulations to all.

The trophy is made of cork and if you squeeze it, plays the sound of a monster screaming and saying the name of the festival. Very original.

Thanks to my family, friends, colleagues and Universidade Lusófona :)

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