terça-feira, 18 de março de 2014

The Lamp that went too far

I have a film that will be on Monstra, the animation festival, as I already said here. It's called "The Fan and the Lamp".

This was an exercise I did in the 2nd year of college. The aim was to animate a 3D lamp. I was just told to animate the lamp. Doing what? Whatever I wanted. I was free to create everything else.
It's not every day that I have a full creativity work, so I decided to take advantage of it and I thought to myself "Why not tell a little story?". I was late having an idea and that must have taken me half the timeI had available. With just a month away to deliver the work and no idea, I was worried that it would be a mediocre work. At that time I didn't know the success I was about to have with just a school work.

The animation was shown on "Over and Out", which is like the "Oscars" of my college. At the end of each year there is a night that shows all the films that were produced during that year in the college. But this is only for the final year students, so it was an honor to me, as a student of 2nd year to have my film there. 

The film also went to Indie Lisboa festival in the Junior section. I do not know how!

After that, the lamp went to New York in New York Portuguese Short Film Festival. I was very glad to be a t a festival that promotes Portuguese work in other countries. In addition to New York, they took my film also to London, Brazil and Angola.

After the movie had traveled around the world, I thought it was over. But no. He returned for one last (I think) screen on Monstra. It will be tomorrow, in Lisbon.

I wanted to show some "making of" things about the movie, but I don't have any. So, enjoy the interview which is already very good, with my weird voice.

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  1. Whow! Truly amazing, congratulations so much! This must be very big. The idea of the movie is very good. Very creative! Hope lots of people will see it ! :)