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A Polar Animation

I'm not very proud of this animation. Still, I will start the blog with this one (don't worry, the quality will increase in the future).

Urso Polar on Vimeo.

I worked on this when I was in the 2nd year of college.
The thing was simple. The teacher gave us a phrase: "Life in a second." We had to unravel the meaning of the phrase and develop an animation about it in 4 months (one semester). How long did it take me? One month. And the result was this poor, sad and insipid thing. Worse than Justin Bieber singing on a rainy day.

I did this throughout the month of January, 2012. I think it was the worst time I spent during college time . As I had to do it all in one month (for reasons beyond me), I was forced to work without stopping (pausing only for school, sleep and eat, of course). I was in such a rush that I worked everywhere. For example , the part in which the tablet falls into the water was all done while sitted in the train and subway (without a lightbox, I even used the train window to see through the paper sheet), there were other parts which were made during different lessons, there was one shot wich was made in a birthday lunch with lots of people and the very first shot was done during Christmas. And I got a aterrible backache. I'll explain.
This was done in traditional animation. I made drawing after drawing, that when viewed all together give the notion of movement (ok, you know how it works) . The problem was that I did not own a table for this purpose, which should be inclined for good posture, and had to use the table in the dining room that is made of glass so I was able to put a light underneath the drawings, and spent hours every day bent over the table . Today I'm an old lady, complaining all the time, thanks to it. But I'm a happy old lady.That animation took me 40 years of my life.

Each day I had to animate a shot. In the morning and afternoon I did the drawings on the table. At night scanned them all and then worked the images to set up everything. A lot of work, that's what it was.

Here's some drawings.

The images are a little weird because of the scan. And to finish it, some original drawings.

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