sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

There's someone naked in my class

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with family (me, my parents and my sister) in a brazillian restaurant. I took the Sketch Book to draw, but as usual, I din't touch it ... I filled the table's role with drawings, instead. It is a temptation for me to go to a restaurant and not draw on the table. I don't like when there's no pen. As soon as I finish eating I start to sketch on the paper. " Childrens are the ones who do that", you say . Well, for some reason I chose animation. Some people like it . The employee, who was a very fun and friendly Brazilian started talking with me saying he'd keep the drawings. It seems that they keep all the drawings that people make on the tables so one day they can decorate an entire wall with people's drawings. It's an original idea .

Seeing a drawing in my Sketch Book, my sister asked if we had a nude model. "Of course" I replied. Then, my mother got shocked, more shocked that an egg in a frying pan.
I explained that I had already taken nude classes before, since 2010 exactly. For me, it's already a natural thing which I don't even think about, so it's funny to see people's reaction (even if that people are my family, who should already know) .

So, here's some drawings of a naked women (O.O get shocked!).

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