quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

My first animation

I thought it would be funny to post here my first animation ever. That got me thinking when was the first time I made an animation and that took me to the high school times. 

I was in senior year and had to do this homework for the  Drawing class. It's a flipbook (a little book in which we make a drawing per sheet). This was in 2009, I never thought of scanning it and edit it in the computer to see the final result.... a disaster.

It's weird but for a first time it's not bad ...for someone who knew nothing of the matter.

Today I look back and I see that my high school time was very enriching thanks to an awesome teacher I had. I was in an Arts course and we did a bit of everything. Whatever the path that we followed, at least we were somewhat prepared for the next step. We weren't just drawing in this class. We made models, artwork, graphic works, photographs, montages, texts and even animation.
Above all , we were taught to think (I already said here that drawing is a way of thinking) and in this is where my teacher was very clever .

Every week we had a job to do in the Sketch Book that was given in a statement . This statement let us always thinking, as a riddle or puzzle. Only after solving the problem we could draw. Our answers to the teacher was the drawings. Very insightful, indeed.

Some day I'll post here some of these old Sketchbook drawings.

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