quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

Let's get this thing started

Words are not my thing. Never were. I'm not the kind of person that talks and writes a lot.  I once tried to read an Harry Potter book and as I opened it I was immediately dizzy and nauseous with so many words coming towards me. Anyone who knows me knows that I dont speak very much.....at all.  I only speak on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the rest of the days I just make sounds except Sundays, when I only say onomatopoeias. It is a funny different kind of life...you should try it. You will begin to carefully look at everything around you. And this is what happens with me. I work better with pictures than I do with words. But I will talk about that later.

I'll start by apologizing if my writing is not at the level of those ultra fancy blogs with exquisite texts and metaphors out of this world. Here you will only find a poor and dirty writting, like those old doilies that our grandmas have on top of their TV set...the ones with horrid little spots. So let's speak by pictures.

I want to show some drawings I did in the drawing class. I could have brought some yesterday but I forgot. Tomorrow I won't forget .
I'm lucky to be a person who gets very nervous with my own nerves and last week I did not take a tranquilizer before going to class. Where is the luck? My drawings fell from the folder to the floor, every single one and all at once. So I grabbed them with a furious movement, just like Hulk (and a mix of Tarzan's mad face) and rip them all in pieces, in an act of uncontrolled rage as I slammed my fists on my chest and sang "Under Pressure" by Queen .
I'm kidding , I just grabbed them very mad and in a sudden movement kept them in my backpack .

"What is this shit?" you're probably asking. I know. They seem like they were made by a Parkinson's patient, but they were made ​​by me. This is what we do in classes. I'm paying to scratch a paper.

These are quick sketches. It's the first exercise we make in our class. We have 30 seconds to look at the model and 30 seconds to draw. Sounds easy , but it's not because we have to train our brain and not our hand, as most people think. Drawing is a process that takes most place in the brain. The hardest thing for me is to simplify. I'm like beast from Beauty and the Beast, I'm very violent and so I cover the drawing with scratches as if there were no tomorrow, leaving a maze of dirty traces in the paper. The aim is to be fast and simple.

As you can see, I still have a long road ahead. And what do you do when you have a long road ahead? You put up some headphones on and get a Walkers Crisps....the road is so long you never know when you'll get hungry.

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