quinta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2014

There are nice people, weird people and there's me

I can't go to Lisbon for drawing without bringing a story to tell. Here is today's.

Last week (Thursday) I went to Lisbon three hours before my class to close some business ..... an ebay like business, what did you thought? I'm no dealer. I'm currently addicted with this kind of business and nobody stops me from adding some extra euros to the pocket. I think I'll only  stop when I get our whole house sold without my parents knowing.

After closing that business I had two hours to walk by Lisbon. I went to some shops but nothing new. I decided to sit on a big square full of people drawing.
I was very quietly drawing this:

When an old man appears behind me to see my drawings. He started talking to me telling he was a painter and sculptor, a lover of art history and then gave me his card. But this man has no place in this story. Let´s forget about him.

I kept drawing when three guys appear to wonder what I was doing, like if I was a pro at drawing. They also started a conversation. They were fun. "Draw this guy here" - one of them asked me. What annoying when people ask me to draw them. It never looks-alike them. But ok, I accepted the challenge of sketching one of them quickly. And surprisingly it turned out well

I'm always judging myself but I actually liked this one. Then the guy said, "Now draw me." It had to be .... The first drawing turned out good but this one is crap:

It was horrible but the guy liked it. They were fascinated with me drawing people with just scribbles. I explained that I'm not so good and that I still have plenty to evolve. He said he would also like to know how to draw and asked if he could draw in my Sketch Book. Sure, I like people to draw in my notebook. He sat down beside me and began to draw the tall monument in the center of the square:

Then he told what he really liked was to draw anime characters and made this:

Ok, it's fine.
In the end, I asked if they wanted to keep the drawings. They refused and said they were there every day and told me to show up more often. I left for the class. End of Part One.

Today (Thursday), the same story. Went early to Lisbon to sell some VHS movies. Two hours to spend. I sat in the same place to draw this:

When this time a girl/woman with gross teeth appears. She was asking for money, of course. I tried to make the scene "I am listening to music and can´t hear anyone around me even if it's just a meter away from me." It did not work because she sat beside me. "Fine, maybe if I give her a coin she leaves." She asked me if she could write in my sketch book while I took the wallet. I gave her 50 cents and she said it was not enough beacuse she needed 5 euros to go eat  in Mc'Donalds. It may be important to say that she already had a few coins in her hand .... not a few, a lot. She had enough for probably two Big Mac's. The worst thing was that she was asking for money to go to Mc'Donalds ... that insipid thing. I just wanted to tell her "My dear, you better go eat on a healthier place, and on the way you shoul buy a Colgate toothpaste because with that teeth someday the sky will fall on you."

She wanted more money and I said I hadn't more (of course I had). "Let's see" she said while reaching out her hand into my wallet. She pulled out the wallet and started pulling it tighter while I tried to take it. Suddenly, the dudes from last week's show up in my rescue and told the ugly woman to stop bothering me. She stopped but still wanted more money. "No, I did not like your attitude" I answered.
She gave up but still wanted to write in my notebook. It was a poem:

After finishing it, she handed me the sketchbook and asked me to read it. There was a moment of silence with me trying to understand that words that seemed like a doctors font. "I can not understand this, you better read it yourself" and let her read.
Me and my colleagues already tried to decode the letter. I think it's something like this:

A friend is a brother 
A treasure that you have
They're the stars 
That guide us beyond 
They're good and bad times 
On this traveled road 
And I tell you, I would not trade Portugal 
For nothing in this life.

And under it she wrote what I think is "Sorry PS.  Schizophrenia. Aggressive Psychosis".
God! Don't tell me that she fled from some psychiatrist hospital just to go eat an hamburger at Mc'Donalds. It was not necessary to go that far to find a McDonald's ..

Anyway, she ended up leaving and I thanked the guys and started talking with them. I asked why they were in that place every day. They said they were working, doing some business. I replied that I had also gone to a business. I went to sell some VHS movies by an ebay like website (I'm laughing while writing this part). I began to talk about it and they said "Well, that's not our kind of business. We sell weed"........................................................................................................O.O

How can I gather so much ingenuity within me?
I promise anyone reading this that you get a discount voucher to give me a tightl slap in the face, next time you see me. I deserve.
"Do you buy that kind of things?" he asked. "No" I answered.
And finally, I got up and went to my comfort zone - the school building.

At least this experience made me see that even delaers are friendly. True dealers save people from evil forces. I had the idea that they were all bad and had an ugly face. It seems they are cool. But I will never again pass on that square.

Conclusions of the day: that square is a place to avoid, Drawing is a dangerous sport and if you ever have a son pray so that he doesn't grow up to become like me.

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