quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

What is This?

Yeyhhh, it's a blog. I have a blog, I'm so posh. The only thing left is a persian kitten in my lap and a cup of lemon tea with honey on my hand, and to finish it, write a lame book in a few years with the blog's posts.

If you got here by mistake , stay. Don't leave because the party will get started.  If you got here because I persuaded or dragged you against your will, serve yourself with a drink 'cause I will be offering a key to a purple Smart with yellow dots......I'm kidding, it's green.

I didn't introduced myself yet, shame on me. For those who know me, I say " hello ". For those who don't know me I say "Gross, you're wearing a striped shirt. That's so démodé!".
My name is Pipe, I'm from Portugal and I'm an animator (that sounds so wrong, because I 'm light years from knowing what animating really is. Lets say I am aspiring to be an animator)  because I love animated movies. That is the purpose of this blog . Here I want to expose and share my animation works, drawings, photographs, and also things about life...my life that is so filled with experiences just like a bucket on a summer day .

I'm 22, I have a degree in Digital Animation in Universidade Lusófona and currently I am taking Drawing classes in Lisbon.
What more can I say? I'm cool......waaaaay too cool. My entire person is full of coolness. Even when I'm throwing up I'm cool. So come here every day if you want to insert some top quality culture inside your shining brain. And comment ! I like comments.

By the way , for those who did not notice, the blog's name is a mix between Imagination and Animation (it was my dear sister who gave me the idea). We are so basic....

And last, I would like to ask you to go easy on me because, as I said, I'm portuguese, so there may be a few or many mystakes in my text. I would be very glad if you could correct me with a comment. It will help me improve my english.

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